Win an e-bike for a week!

Have you always wanted to try an electric bike? This is your chance!

Join the e-bike for a week challenge and win an e-bike that will be yours for a whole week!

How to win:

  1. Open the Toogethr Cycles app and tap ‘Community
  2. Tap ‘Start a challenge‘, find the e-bike for a week challenge and tap ‘Start
  3. Cycle 20 km in 7 days and you win!

Easy right? 😉

Have you successfully completed the challenge? Then we’ll send you an e-mail with a link to make a reservation at a pick-up point in Amsterdam. You can pick up your e-bike there.

Go for it and win your e-bike for a week!

Afterward, if you have tried an e-bike for a week, you will be able to benefit from a purchase arrangement from the City of Amsterdam, should you wish to buy one.