Avoid the roadworks and earn extra points!

From Zeeburgereiland or IJburg many cyclists choose a route over the Amsterdamse brug and Zeeburgerdijk in the direction of East or Centrum, and vice versa. At the moment a part of the cycle path on the Zeeburgerdijk in Amsterdam-East is closed off due to engineering works. This can lead to inconvenience, which of course, nobody likes…

Avoid the roadworks
That’s why we have launched the ‘Avoid the roadworks‘ challenge, especially for you! From now on, you can collect 100 points every week by avoiding the hindrance. Activate the challenge in the Challenge menu on the Community page and cycle relaxed via an alternative route to your destination.

In this way, we hope to contribute to your cycling experience in two ways. Firstly, by pointing out relaxed routes to cycle and secondly, by handing out extra points!

How do I start?

  • Open your Toogethr Cycles app
  • Go to the Community page
  • Tap on Start a challenge and activate the avoid the roadworks challenge
    • Scroll down a bit, they are sorted alphabetically
  • Check the picture for an alternative route
  • Hop on your bike and tap Start!

Have fun!